My third son is obsessed with all things pirates.... his beta fish is named Captain Jack Sparrow.  So he decided that he wanted a pirate party (again) and I told him he should pick another theme.  So he decided on a LEGO pirate party.  Way to shake it up son.  He told me that he wanted ocean on the bottom tier and just clouds and seagulls on the top layer with Jack's face on the very top.  I thought I could do a little bit better than that description and this is what I came up with.

My Little Ladybug

Awwww.... my little lady turned one and so she needed a ladybug cake.  When you have 5 older brothers you just have to give in to the fact that Mommy is going to do somthing girly.  Notice that the ladybug has her own little pink bow!  SQUEEEEEL!!

Mario Cake anyone?

This one was for my wonderful 7 year old, he loves Mario but I have to say that it threw me back in time while I was making it I had flashbacks of playing Mario 3 with my little brother!  I love this cake because of the memories it gave me.

Safari Birthday Cake

Owl baby shower cake

This baby is going to have an owl nursery so why not have an owl baby shower cake?  When my son saw the heart he said "Awwww it looks like that mommy owl and the baby owl LOVE each other!"


This is a little Spiderman cake that I made for my friend's nephew.  You can't see him very well but I really love the Spiderman on the top, I think he is really cute.


This is a simple white on white cake that I made for one of my good friend's younger sister on her wedding day.  They were serving sheet cake and wanted a simple two tiered cake to cut.  I love how elegant white on white looks and I had to much fun making this cake.  Thanks Noelle for letting me be part of your special day!