Chelsey and Seth

Seth and Chelsey had such a beautiful wedding, I loved the colors and I love how this cake turned out.  I think it is my favorite.  I also think that I say that about all of my cakes once I finish them but right now this one is my favorite.  MInd you it took forever because I hadn't played with my Cricut Cake before this (silly me) and it was a little bit tricky because she wanted the fancy swirls and the fondant kept on tearing in the machine because it was too soft.  I spent probably triple the amount of time than I planned on this taking because I wasn't familiar with the machine.  Otherwise it was pretty easy, just covering my three cakes with fondant, stacking them and adding ribbon.  The flowers were waiting for me at the reception and I just had to arrange them once I got there.

They had Leatherby's cater their reception, which means an ice cream sunday bar... this little guy is also my favorite (he was the only one there with me but oh is so just so cute)!

Bubble Smashcake.

I have been making cakes and then I forget to take a picture or I take a picture and then forget to post it.  Here is a smash cake that I did for my friend's little boy.  He had a bubble party so of course he needed a bubble cake.

This is a very easy cake to do. Start with two 6 inch round cakes and stack them.   Make your buttercream frosting and color half of it blue (use a recipe that uses all crisco  instead of butter if you want your bubbles to be white).  Ice the entire cake blue and smooth it out.  The bubbles are just dots mad with a #12 round tip, use a coupler with your bag so that you can change to a #5 round tip to make smaller bubbles with.  Start on top of the cake in the center and pipe your dots close together covering the entire top of the cake then start to space them out as you move down the cake.  Do the bottom border and add a couple of "bubbles" around the edge.  Change your tip and fill in with smaller #5 bubbles.