Harmoni's Baby Shower Cake

This one was so much fun for me, I got other pictures but they were turned and I didn't want you to have to turn your head sideways to look at them.  This was for my good friend's younger sister.  She is having her first baby and it is a baby girl (Luck-yyy).  She let me choose and so since I know that she is doing the nursery in pink purple and blue.... viola!

Kaylee's first birthday

I have an obsession with polka dots.  I also love stripes, I was doing a wedding cake and I squeezed this one in because it was for my cute little niece's first birthday.  Love her!

Matt and Sayward Wedding

This cake was for Steve's cousin Matt and his beautiful bride Sayward.  They were just wanting something simple and only one layer.  I talked them into two layers and I am so glad that I did because I love the flowers flowing down the side.  Here is another view...

Travis and Cindy + 300 cupcakes...

For my little brother's wedding reception they decided that they wanted 300 cupcakes instead of a cake.  This took a lot more time but I love the way that they turned out.  Half of them were filled with raspberry filling and the other half with cream cheese filling.  Some chocolate, some white, some topped with little monograms, others with sprinkles and others still with a simple raspberry.  Fuuur ca-uuute!

Another wedding cake

This was for a sweetie that I have know forever and I can't believe she is married. She wanted buttercream and purple. That was about it, she just let me choose the rest.

Baby boy baby shower

A fabulous woman on my Lia Sophia team is having a baby boy after trying to get pregnant for many years. There was a big baby shower thrown and I had the honor of being asked to make the cake. They let me choose what to do. I wanted it to look a little bit childlike which is why I did uneven strips and the polka dots. I really like how it turned out.